Toe in the Water

Published on August 9, 2007 by Michelle Wirth

It’s just over a year since my last blog, and the technology has already changed. So many new ways to embarrass myself in writing, time and date stamped – with photos no less.

I’m gearing up to go back to law school. Three weeks out, and already my memories of chain smoking are stronger (wishful thinking) and I’m lamenting the prep. work I didn’t get to – again. This blog is my way to vent out and also let you peek in at the phenomenon that may have me foaming at the mouth, rabid, by the time Vis rolls around in April and ready to pop by the time I take the bar in July 2008.

Comments are displayed publicly. About comments – my mother reads this blog.

This is a private blog – readership is by invitation only. If you’re reading this, either I love/ respect/ cherish you – or someone has lent you their password, or copied something from this blog, in which case, damn them.

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